Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Seven Joys of Mary (Christmas Carol)

Traditional, A.K.A. Joys Seven
Rise Up Singing chapter: Ballads and Old Songs, p.14
D - A D / / A - D DA / D - A D

It's the 21st! Christmas soon!

The first good joy that Mary had, it was the joy of one
To see the blessed Jesus Christ when he was first her son
When he was first her son, good man, and blessed may he be
Both father, son and Holy Ghost through all eternity

The next good joy that Mary had, it was the joy of two
To see her own son Jesus Christ to make the lame to go

(There's an alternate verse here that says "when he was sent to school". It's good because it rhymes much better with the number two, but I still prefer the other because, as far as we know from the Bible, Jesus didn't go to school. In fact, his lack of education factors in to his story later on in life. He may have gone to carpenter's school, I suppose, but I don't think that counts, since it was probably just learning in the shed out back with Joseph. Anyway. For your information, that's the better rhyme, if you want it.)

The joy of three: to make the blind to see
The joy of four: read the bible o'er
The joy of five: bring the dead alive
The joy of six: upon the crucifix (joy? Really?)
The joy of seven: wear the crown of heaven

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