Monday, December 8, 2008

Mary Had A Baby (Christmas)

Rise Up Singing chapter: Spirituals, p.210
E - A E / - - A B7 / 1st / E - B7 E
or in the key of G:
G - C G / - - C D7 / 1st / G - D7 G

Mary had a baby (O, Lord!)
Mary had a baby (O, my Lord!)
Mary had a baby (O, Lord!)
The people keep a-coming but the train done gone

What did she name him? She called the baby Jesus. Where was he born? Born in a stable. Where did they lay him? They laid him in a manger. A star shined (shone) above him, shepherds knelt before him, wise men brought him presents. Herod tried to find him, so they fled away to Egypt and an angel flew above them.
The End.
Merry Christmas!

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