Tuesday, January 11, 2011

O, Had I a Golden Thread

Rise Up Singing chapter: Dreams and Fantasies
Words and music by Pete Seeger
D G D A / / G DA D -

When you see a line end with two slashes / / instead of one / it means you repeat that line.
In other words: D G D A / /
means D G D A / D G D A

O had I a golden thread and needle so fine
I'd weave a magic strand of rainbow design
Of rainbow design

In it I'd weave the bravery of women giving birth
In it I'd weave the innocence of children all over the earth
Children of all the earth

Far over the water I'd reach my magic band
To every city, through every single land
Through every land

Show my brothers and sisters my rainbow design
Bind up this sorry world with heart and hand and mind
Hand and heart and mind

Far over the waters I'd reach my magic band
To every human bean* so they would understand
So they would understand

*See "The BFG" -Roald Dahl

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