Sunday, January 9, 2011

Best Friend—The Unicorn Song

Words and music by Margie Adam
Rise Up Singing chapter: Dreams and Fantasies, p.27

C D Em B7 / C G Dsus D :// Em Am7 D Gmaj7 / E A B7 - -
When I was growing up my best friend was a unicorn
The others smiled at me and called me crazy
But I was not upset, knowing I did not conform
I always thought their seeing must be hazy
The unicorn and I would while away the hours
Playing, dancing and romancing* in the wildflowers and we'd sing

C Am7 G - / Em CG Am7 G ://
Seeing is believing in the things you see
Loving is believing in the ones you love

When I was seventeen my best friend was the northern star
The others asked why was I always dreaming
But I did not reply, I found my thoughts were very far
Away from daily hurts and fears and scheming
The northern star and I would share our dreams together
Laughing, sighing, sometimes crying in all kinds of weather, and we'd sing...

And now that I am grown, my best friend lives inside of me
The others smile at me and call me crazy
But I am not upset, for long ago I found the key
I've always known their seeing must be hazy
My friend inside and I will while away the hours
Playing, dancing and romancing in the wildflowers, and we sing...

*Romancing the unicorn?

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