Sunday, July 4, 2010

MacPherson's Farewell

Traditional Scottish
Rise Up Singing chapter: Struggle
I think the R.U.S. lyrics are woefully incomplete (maybe that's not nice to say. I just like some verses that aren't included.) so I'm going to record a version tomorrow with more verses (I won't dare say complete verses. I know that trap.)

G Em Am D / G - C D / G Em Am D / G C D -
Fareweel tae ye dungeons dark and strong
Fareweel, fareweel, tae thee
MacPherson's time will no be long
On yonder gallows tree

G - D - / G - C - / G - D - / Em C D -
(Sae = So)
Sae rantingly and sae wontonly
Sae dauntingly gaed he
He played a tune and he danced it roon
Beneath the gallows tree

gae = go, gaed = went (In Scots. Yes that's different from Gaelic. It's like English, but different, and, depending on whom you ask, more beautiful.)

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