Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bonus: I Couldn't Believe it was True

By Willy Nelson
from his album "Red-Headed Stranger"

A - D A / - - - E ://

Well, last night I came home and I *knocked on my door*
And I called to my love as I oft had before
**I knocked and I knocked but no answer there came**
No kisses to greet me, no voice called my name

And I couldn't believe it was true, oh Lord
I couldn't believe it was true
***I cried a million tears***, I must've aged ten years
And I couldn't believe it was true

Well, the shock was so great I am quivering yet
And I'll try to forgive but I cannot forget
****My heartache and loss**** is another man's gain
Her happiness always I hope will remain

*unlocked the door
**I called and I called but no answer there came
***My eyes filled with tears
****My heartbreak and loss / My heartbeaking loss

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