Friday, June 8, 2012

Thyme (Let No Man Steal Away Your Thyme)

Rise Up Singing chapter: Ballads and Old Songs, p.14
Traditional, British Isles

C G C - / - - Dm G / C C7 F G / C G C -
Once I had a sprig of thyme
I thought it never would decay
Until a saucy sailor he chanced upon my way
And he stole away my bonnie bunch of thyme*

Thyme, it is a precious thing
Thyme brings all things to your mind
Thyme with all its labours, along with all its joys
And it's thyme brings all things to an end

This sailor, he gave to me a rose
A rose that never would decay
He gave it to me to keep me well minded
Of the night he stole my bonnie thyme away

Come all you maidens brisk and fair
All you who flourish in your prime
Beware and take care, and keep your garden fair
And let no man steal your bonny bunch of thyme

*Bonnie bunch of thyme
Bonny bunch of thyme, whatever.