Sunday, March 29, 2009

They'll be Coming Round (the Mountain)

Words by Eileen Abrams; traditional melody ("She'll be Coming Round the Mountain")
Rise Up Singing chapter: Women, p.251
E - - - / - - B7 - / E E7 A - / B7 - E -

Bumpy wagons moving through the days and nights
They've been travelling far in search of women's rights
Not much comfort or supporters but within this country's borders
They won't quit until they've won all of the fights

They'll be coming round the mountain when they come
They'll be driving six white horses when they come
They'll be talking new solutions, women's suffrage, revolution
And we'll all go out to meet them when they come

In Colorado women sought a victory
Mrs. Stanton headed out with Susan B.
Organizing, speaking, writing, for us all they kept on fighting
Women won the vote out there in '93

Women rise and join your sisters on the line
It's been struggle after struggle all through time
Keep your mind upon our heritage, your hearts upon the future
And we'll make it through the tight spots every time

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